Monkey Saves Puppy From Explosion

A good story during the incidents, the explosion of a plant in Nanjing, China on July 28, 2010 ago. Event of a crash that killed 13 people and injured 300 people tells a lot of attention the fact that suck the public. During the explosion occurred, a monkey was recorded during the camera saves the puppy from the explosion site. They hold the dog as he ran out of the factory.

Genesis powerful high explosive that occurs when a pipe from burning chemical factory in China last year. The explosions occurred in Nanjing, Jiangsu provincial capital, about 10.00 am. In addition to deaths and injuries, the explosion also damaged the surrounding area. windows of houses, shops and offices were damaged and affect the extent to 300 meters. While other people thought was an earthquake.

If this event can tap our collective conscience, animals can show kindness to each other.
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