Avetik Chitchian’s Apple Paintings

Armenian painter whose name is Avetik Chitchian  was born 1962 in Gyumri, Armenia. The he studied at the Panos Terlemezian Art School. After that he studied at the Yerevan Art and Theatre Institute. In 1994 he was a member of Painters Union of Armenia.

 Gayane Igitian who is an art critic in Yerevan, Armenia, says about Avetik Chitchian: “Sparkling decorations are familiar to many Armenian painters, especially to modern artists. One can obviously feel that decoration sparkles in Avetiks works. His works are luxurious, colorful, as well as restrained and ascetic, lacking superfluous things. His “still-life’s” constructions are based on classical rules of still-life, compositional right structure and bright thoughts of mind, laconic themes, often reaching to self isolation. Between classical and modern art, or , saying more exactly, between classical and modern still-life the only limit is it’s perception and reproduction – the talent of the artist by which Avetik is secluded. There is a special attraction in his art with special rhythm, secluded different sphere- which is so real and exaggerated, with highlighted objects. Everyone is complete in its manner and is very spiritual. Here is why his creations get that much of spirit and magnetic attraction, character, breathe, essence and perfection. “Apples”, “Pears”, ”Pomegranates”, ”Oranges”, ”Still-life with Armenian carpet”, “Still-life with fish” , here, with unconstrained movements, he finds colorful, original and bright solutions . He reaches to calm sphere, as if effacing century’s perception of still-life. Works of Avetik are rich with their background of idea, color, shine and the thought of everlasting beauty, wholeness and perfection”.

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